Excerpts from Part 3

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Jordan had never recovered from the loss of Stephen. One day she was the happiest woman alive, the next she was consumed by the blackest misery. Joseph's morose thoughts were interrupted by a loud commotion. His daughter was shouting at his wife. Rushing back into the kitchen he saw that Jordan had packed a small bag. Shocked, he stood and listened when Jordan defiantly told them, her face twisted in anger and grief, "I am leaving this country forever! I am sick of the killing!" She stood and glared for a few seconds before adding, "And, don't look for me! And, I mean it!"

The room shook with Jordan's running steps.

Ester stared in grim silence.

Joseph called out, "Jordan! Come back!"

The front door slammed and then a stillness crept into the room. Joseph felt his entire body tremble. He looked at Ester as though he could not understand what had happened. "How can this be?"

Ester was amazingly calm. "Don't fret, darling," she told her husband. "Actually, I have been thinking that Jordan needs a complete change." Aware of Joseph's incredulous look, she added, "You and I came to Palestine because of a terrible tragedy. Here, we found a new life." She paused. "Our daughter must now find her way." She looked at Joseph and tried to console him. "Don't worry. Jordan will be back."

Joseph was not comforted. He could not rid himself of the terrible thought that of four children, only two had survived. Now with Jordan's departure, and Michel's presence in Lebanon, once again, he and Ester were completely alone.

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Excerpts from Part 3

Page 1 :: 2 :: 3

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